About Us

Named after the revered hawthorn tree in Ireland and deeply rooted in the heart of Chelsea, The Hawthorn welcomes all with a seasonal menu of fresh locally sourced food, craft beers and cocktails.


According to Irish folklore, the hawthorn is a sacred tree thought to bring bad luck if cut down. So, it’s always protected and left standing untouched, even as the people and places around it change.

Like the mythical tree, The Hawthorn has its own deep roots and steadfast spirit. Located in a space that’s housed restaurants and pubs since the 1920s, it carries on the welcoming warmth of those that came before it with modern comforts: a creative menu of locally sourced food, craft beers and inventive cocktails. Whether you’re a local in the neighborhood or just want to feel like one, come join us for a drink—and a laugh—at The Hawthorn under the High Line.

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